Builder Spotlight

Preferred Builders at Ford's Colony Williamsburg

Ready to build your dream home in Ford's Colony, or are you ready to start planning?

We can provide the contact information for reputable builders who have experienced building in Ford's Colony, a good understanding of our covenants and restrictions, strong references, use of our sales office, and the highest quality of building.

The building process is one of the most important steps in reaching your goal...your dream home. It will take approximately 9 to 12 months to build your home. Since the entire process of finding a builder, finalizing plans, securing permits and building your home may take about 12 to 18 months, the sooner you start, the better.

To find the right builder for you, research the different builders.

It's always a good idea to receive at least three home building bids. That may mean meeting with at least five or six builders. This way, you feel the most confident about your final decision.

Our Architectual Review Committee recommends that you retain the services of an attorney prior to engaging in any significant contract and certainly the construction of your home.